Tuna Tataki


8 oz Tuna Loin
2 oz Mixed Greens
2oz Black Sesame Seeds
2oz White Sesame Seeds
2 oz Pickled Ginger
1 oz Wasabi Paste
2 oz Seaweed Salad
2 oz Sesame Oil
2 oz Sweet Soy Bourbon Glaze (recipe to follow)
Yield: 2 Servings
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 10 Minutes
Ease of Preparation: Intermediate

Coat all sides of tuna loin with sesame seeds covering entire surface of tuna. Pre-heat a medium sauté pan over high heat with sesame oil. Sear all sides of tuna loin for 5 seconds a side being careful not to overcook as tuna is served rare. Remove tuna from heat quickly and flash cool in refrigerator. Slice tuna into thin strips and serve over a bed of mixed greens. Place side of wasabi paste and pickled ginger around the plate. Drizzle tuna with the sweet soy bourbon glaze.

Sweet Soy Bourbon Glaze

1 Bottle Sweet Soy Glaze
2 oz Jefferson Bourbon
In a pre-heated hot sauce pan add bourbon and cook off the alcohol. Add the sweet soy glaze and reduce until sauce thickens.


Recipe Author Chef Luigi Maestri is the Executive Chef at the Pilot House Restaurant in Key Largo.